Robby Dennis Romance

The Sicilian List - Villa Nave Series Book 1

2018 RUBY Awards Finalist - Long Romance

Lies, secrets and scandals threaten to tear apart the lives of those who live in Villa Nave…

Actress Alex Botti flees to Sicily, desperate for relief from the relentless hounding of the paparazzi. Her career is all that matters but she’s under scrutiny with whispers of adultery and lies.

Armed with a list of things to do, places to see and cuisine to try, she never expects to find the one thing she’s not looking for.

While distracting herself in the beauty and culture, she finds herself losing her heart to a man and a life she cannot keep.

Stefano Conti, discovers his thriving business is being mysteriously sabotaged. With a threat on his life and a secret that might destroy his entire family, he cannot afford to be distracted by the beautiful Hollywood starlet.

Yet he cannot deny the incredible chemistry they share and despite their growing attraction he knows she must leave.

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